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IoT Systems Increase Profits

As technology advances, its ability to help businesses grow and optimize their operations continues to advance. From innovative tools of simple mechanics to make jobs easier, to complex assembly lines and automation, we find new ways to apply it to businesses. The newest advance in technology that is transforming the business world are the innovations with IoT systems with Ai integrations.

While IoT sensors have been around for a few years now, the integration of Ai software is sparking massive change in many markets.

By integrating Ai modelling with smart sensor data collection, companies can now have an IoT system that not only collects data for them and make it easily accessible, but also have greater insight into the system efficiency and functionality. Smart sensors with AI modelling capabilities can analyze entire systems and recognize when a part of the system is not working at optimal capacity, and alert management to the inefficiency.This innovation can be used to ensure that systems are running at maximum efficiency, which help companies save money when budgeting for repairs and maintenance.

Take a cold storage unit for instance – with a simple IoT temperature sensor, management would be able to view the temperature at any given moment and would be alerted if the temperature went above or below a preset threshold.

While alerts get the response team to remedy the situation and move the goods being temperature controlled to another location, one should ask the question – Could this have been averted?

Yes in 99.9% of the cases. How? Ai Algorithms corelate data such as rate of change of temperature over time, the duty cycle of the compressor, the pressure of the coolant, and the flow rate of the air.

 Ideabytes IoT® algorithms analyze these parameters – and predict the degradation of the system over time giving maintenance and management enough time to take corrective measures. Instead of a 15 minute of warning about imminent failure, one will have days in which to plan preventive action to avert a failure.

IoT systems are revolutionizing industry workflows and processes by analyzing a plethora of data that would be tedious and difficult, when done manually. Efficiency gains is the watchword to drive business profitability and Ai is just the tool to give management a crystal ball to predict the future with a high degree of accuracy.
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