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How Smart Devices are Revolutionizing Agriculture

Technological advancements in agriculture such as nitrogen fertilizer, digital sensors, genetic modification, and 3D mapping have changed the face of farming.

Data is the best thing a farmer can have to maximize crop yields and even minimize costs to help farms maximize operational efficiency. Smart devices are able to gather all of this data. They have the ability to observe weather systems and soil conditions, monitor animal temperature, and more.

Some of agriculture’s most powerful and innovative technological advancements come from digital tools that farmers can use in the palms of their own hands. These devices help farmers increase crop yields and improve efficiency. Some examples of these types of devices include

  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Chips
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Sensors

Smart devices are revolutionizing agriculture. Here’s how

IoT Devices

Internet of Things devices are completely changing the face of agriculture. These types of devices use technology to assess water, crops, and soil. They can easily capture and understand what is happening on farms and what fields need more pesticides and fertilizer.
Once this information is collected, farmers can view the data and make exact adjustments where needed. Other smart devices can track cattle to monitor a herd’s health. These types of devices are built for intelligent farming and provide data on demand.

Smart Devices Help Farmers Get Ahead

The farming industry is extremely competitive. Smart devices allow farmers to get ahead by monitoring commodities markets to ensure the harvest is properly timed. These types of devices help farmers improve their operations, increase efficiency, and save money.
Monitoring Livestock

Farmers need all the help they can get when they are monitoring a herd of cattle. Smart devices offer a wide range of solutions for farmers when it comes to monitoring livestock. Some devices monitor body temperature and send signals to vets when an animal is ovulating, saving both time and guesswork. Other devices can also alert farmers when an animal’s body temperature is rising or when they are sick so that they can be removed from the herd.
These devices all have the ability to send data to vets. This is beneficial for farmers who live in very remote areas.

Smart Devices and Water

When farmers can control soil and water, they can increase their crop yields significantly. Smart devices have the ability to provide farmers with real-time sensing systems to help improve their crop quality. These devices also help optimize resource use. These sensors have the ability to respond to the primary needs of crops by detecting water levels and iron content of soil. This gives farmers the invaluable knowledge they need to streamline their operations and better manage their crops.

Providing You With Digital Metrics to Improve Your Farming

The future of farming lies in technology. Smart devices give farmers the ability to monitor crops 24/7, allowing them to check metrics and ensure crops are meeting expectations. IdeabytesIoT provides you with accurate metrics on all aspects of your business. We can maximize your productivity with digital metrics and help you make more informed decisions on harvesting and planning to improve your day-to-day farming operations. We can help with monitoring, greenhouse automation, crop management, livestock monitoring, and more. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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