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IoT – Catalyst for Business Growth

It seems that now every business has its own app, and while it may seem like overkill for a lot of people, for those that rely on the business’ service, the app is most likely a huge added bonus for them. Apps provide a way for businesses to reach people on a more personal level and provide near-constant access for them. This is often perceived as value added for the client, which means that the business is giving their clients a better solution, without having to do too much more work.

This same principle of value-added service through an app can also apply within an organization – and not just in a business to consumer relationship. If your company had an app with an internal communication network, it would allow employees to better interact with one another, sharing files would be made easier, and it would create a much better work environment all around. With an internal communication network, apps can even be taken one step further by using software and sensors to integrate automated data employees and management to have access to.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that is used to describe the monitoring, management, and maintenance of all inanimate assets by adding a digital sensor to it and connecting it to a network that can analyze volumes of data every second, alert the maintenance staff when thresholds are reached, and using Ai algorithms, analyze the trends and suggest solutions to mitigate forseen problems.

For businesses, this could mean getting a communication enabled sensor (Wifi, LoRA, Bluetooth, LTE, Zigby, Ethernet, RS-485) that transmits data continuously to a network server.
Software like Ideabytes IoT® comes with an analytical engine, Ai Algortihms, trend analysis, interface to a NOC, and connectivity to a mobile application and smart watches. Data can be stored in the cloud or on-premises servers which can be interfaced to the NOC or mobile/web applications. At a low CAPEX and OPEX, a short ROI, a business can be empowered by IoT.

Once the decision to adopt IoT, there is no limit to the possibilities. Companies like Ideabytes®, who specialize in IoT Solutions for Businesses, are continuously breaking ground with new IoT innovations and increasing their solutions for businesses. Their latest break through is smart watch integration. Now, their solutions can send updates and alerts to smart watches, further increasing communication within companies and allowing management to act faster to solve any problems that can arise.
The bottom line is that in today’s world, businesses need to be taking advantage of every opportunity they must improve and grow their business. By integrating IoT solutions, companies can greatly expand their internal communication, and be alerted to issues quicker and solve problems faster. This in turns optimizes their operational efficiency and gives them a massive competitive advantage.

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